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The Column

The first airplane home has a two piece spiral staircase entry system.  The first piece (below) is securely bolted to the ground.  To enter the aircraft you would first walk up the spiral staircase and stand on the inner platform as the character is doing below.  No part of the below section moves.

Solidworks fixed portion of column.jpg (10596 bytes)

From the inner platform, you would step to the outer platform.  The outer platform is connected to the airplane.  There are no "pinch points" between the piece that moves and the piece that is bolted to the ground.

Solidworks rotating portion of column.jpg (20269 bytes)

Put the two pieces together, add the airplane on top and you will be spiraling up through what used to be the left wheel well.

Timber Tops Column with spiral stairs.jpg

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Last modified: August 26, 2009